Facilitating Finances Worldwide

A decentralized financial platform that makes investing in crypto Easy & Secure.
Its ecosystem includes the $FACIL Token with a burning & backing model that protects its value, a staking system connected to its tokenomics functions, low-interest loans, and a secure contract-based trading system.

With FacilFi, investors of all levels can earn additional income, gain immediate liquidity, and participate in the DeFi economies of the future.

FacilFi Litepaper

FacilFi is positioned as an innovative project in the blockchain and global eCommerce industry.
The goal of FacilFi is to introduce effective and practical tools and utilities designed to meet the
evolving needs of the digital economy.

A DEX Prepared
for the New World

FacilFi’s DEX offers a secure and user-friendly platform for managing digital assets and accessing decentralized financial services.

Use Cases

Facil Ecosystem

Many of the elements presented below are derived from in-depth analyses of blockchain tech and global markets, which led to the creation of an ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of both interconnected groups.



Internal token trading system, exclusive to the FacilFi platform, opening the possibility of effective auctions for holders.



An integrated $BNB backup system within FacilFi's contract balance will function as a support for both value and stable growth.



Loan system empowered by the back- up model of $BNB, corresponding to each investment with the lowest interest rates.


$FACIL | Token

$FACIL, FacilFi's utility token with a number of uses within its platform. It will also be an innovative currency on its hybrid contracts, going through two phases in its development.



FacilFi’s Staking delivers dependable rewards directly to users' wallets after claiming them on our website, providing an optimal user experience.



To ensure the security offered by FacilFi's contract, a series of measures and contingencies are applied to all use cases in the FacilFi ecosystem.



Cryptocurrency exchange system integrated within Facil DApp tools. Trade $FACIL, $USDT and $BNB.

Interconnected Security

Safety First

Security hotspots are the backbone of FacilFi’s overall architecture of the system.
Advanced contractual security layers established as a priority contingency, such as:

Join the Decentralization Revolution

Private Sale | Coming Soon

Be one of the first supporters of FacilFi’s scalable and decentralized ecosystem
and join the benefits of the private sale event, coming soon for a limited time only.

    In this Phase:

  • 60% of the total supply will be distributed in private sales for Capital Investors and subsequent pre-sales. Notably, this 70% value in $BNB will be allocated to the AssetBacking contract, ensuring a robust starting price for each investor.
  • Another 30% of supply [corresponding to the 15% of the total $BNB raised] is earmarked for the development of FacilFi, covering listing costs, audits, partnerships, new tool development, and maintenance.
  • The remaining 10% of supply [equivalent to another 15% of the total of $BNB raised] is dedicated to liquidity provision on PancakeSwap, activating its contract on the open market charts

The FacilFi’s Private Sale will be listed here soon.
Stay tuned!

Facil DEX

With Facil DEX, you have a high-tech ecosystem with cutting edge security features in place. A platform that seamlessly integrates a comprehensive set of use cases.


This page is dedicated to publishing the protocols and performance of FacilFi’s platforms. It is constantly updated with the latest available information.

Join the Odyssey

FacilFi Roadmap to
Web3 Innovation

Be part of building the future of decentralized finance by supporting FacilFi’s roadmap. We have an ambitious vision to push blockchain technology forward through new developments in the following areas:
Decentralization, Security, Accessibility, Utility, Connectivity and Automation 

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